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Our services

Only those who know and understand the needs and goals of their users with the help of comprehensive user research can design convincing and value-added user experiences and user interfaces. For this reason, our UX team is the central interface for goals, context and requirements and strikes a balance between business, technology, and users for you.

What do we do

Analysis and Research  

Requirements analysis
User research
Product and concept analysis
  Concept and Design

Structural layouts/wireframes
Screen design
Motion design
  Prototyping & Evaluation

Software prototyping and simulation
Planning and conducting usability tests

Creation of graphic resources
Graphic specifications and style guides
Implementation and quality control
Expertise and Consulting

Consulting for teams
Knowledge transfer
Studies on usability and user experience

Our working method

We are guided by the so-called HCD process (= Human Centered Design Process) according to ISO-​Norm 9241-210. In this way, we go hand in hand with you in every project phase and optimally combine UX design and an agile approach.

The HCD process offers a multitude of methods and artifacts. We use these iteratively in the various project phases. This is how we develop and visualize human-centered software for our customers.

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Together for people

Let's figure out together how we can create innovative user experiences for you and share our passion for UX design.
Contact us today to learn more. Get in touch.